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if(typeof(networkedblogs)==”undefined”){networkedblogs={};networkedblogs.blogId=1454210;networkedblogs.shortName=”coasting-along”;} September 2015 Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.

Turning of the calendar, like turning to a new chapter in a book. I love September. It’s nearly the official start of autumn, and it’s a new beginning time. Today the clouds and mists are low upon the river. It’s been raining most of the morning, and outside it’s mainly gray with touch of green here and there. Dark against light, shadows and reflections in shades of gray, white, silver, and black. Green must be one of the first colors to appear when light hits it. It’s always the first color I see clearly after sunrise turns into day on a bright morning. Today is a new day.

And a very special day..a day when Venus and Mars align in Leo, bringing passions and love into a dramatic focus somewhere in our lives. Today is a writing day, as are most, but Tuesdays seem to be the one day that I am able to write, and write, and write. And so it is today. Awakened by a playful cat around 7:30, I’m getting ready to start on the next piece of writing of the day. Selected a long term project for the fall, and am slipping out of the realm of ‘reality’ into the world of imagination and fantasy. The dark, the mysterious, the who-dun-it variety of fun.

I remember when my friend Hope first set forth, also about this time of the year, to finally get her first novel done. I was busily engaged in something else, but followed her process through the end of the year, when she finished, and on through the next year when her book was picked up by a publisher. She’s now on her second series and second set of characters, a successful author of two great mystery series. And she and I remain friends, encouraging each other at various stages of our writing experiences.

Today, after my shower, I set on into Chapter 6 of my latest piece, and who knows what will happen. It’s so interesting to go into the realm of fiction. The mind can go anywhere it wants, and make up things at will. No need to be honest or cite sources. No need to prove anything. Only the need to keep the writing interesting enough for a reader to pick the book up and not want to put it down. Heaven knows I’ve read hundreds if not thousands of books by this time. There are those I devoured like a rich piece of chocolate cake, and others I’ve stayed with, chapter after lagging chapter, waiting for something to spark, to light a fire under someone, most of all me, the reader. So that’s always on a writer’s mind…will anyone want to read this? Do I have anything to say, in anyway significant, or interesting enough for it to be written? All doubts the writer feels, and those are the obstacles that I as a writer (and I suppose this applies to anything we truly love to do and want to be good at), I need to go beyond. Throw myself over the mane, and get on with it.

And when I enter that realm, the characters appears, in fact they are there right now.Waiting. Waiting for me to come back and pick up from where we left off. There’s a guy sitting on his porch at twilight, smoke rising up from the joint he’s been smoking for the last two years since he was born from my imagination. He has a story to tell, and I think I might have found out more about who he is while reading the Tell Me More blog. Who knows what’s going on in his head? Time to go sit awhile with him, and let him tell me his story. There’s of course the dead friend who has been waiting for me to solve her murder for way too long. And then there’s this sticky relationship the main character has with a cop, and with half the town where she grew up. Yes, it is time to explore, and to let the characters reveal who they are, what they know, and how they see this piece shaping up,

I had a dream right after I finished my master’s thesis on PTSD, Trauma, and War-related Stress. In the dream I am re-potting a plant. The plant comes out of the pot, dirt and all, dry as a bone. As I am getting ready to aerate the soil, loosen the roots, add fresh soil into a larger pot, I hold the plant and I say to someone, my adviser no doubt, “I hate this kind of writing. It is so dry and lifeless.” And on one level, that was true. I loved what I did, and enjoyed the process of doing the work, but longed even then, for a jucier kind of writing, for a more enjoyable, pleasurable experience. I went back to my novel then, and stayed with it until the doctoral work commenced. This poor baby has been put back on the shelf so many times it may need to become a dream sequence. Although I bring it out, feed it, play with it, ponder, and rewrite and edit pieces often enough that it has never atrophied. Instead it is ready and waiting. Characters are where I left them, and I have finally gotten to the place where I have placed this piece on top of my list of to-dos. And I am doing it.

So for now, I turn a new page, begin a new chapter, and dive deeper into the pool of living that refreshed, infuses, and ignites sparks that set more fires, and keep me burning with desire to immersed in passions that give meaning and purpose to life. What joy there is in being able to use the gifts and not spend any more time wallowing in ‘what-ifs’, ‘whens’, or ‘oh buts’.

How goes your Tuesday? Find the places in your life where passions are burning and calling you to live out those dreams you have. You know the ones, the ‘if onlys’, ‘when I…s’, or ‘I couldn’t possibles’. And new passions burn in me, sparked in part by a couple of glimpses into journals you are writing and doing art in, and partly by all the artistic talent oozing out of the lives of so many of you. It makes me want to do more…of everything. And so to avoid letting that be a distraction, I will fit little pockets of drawing, set up an easel within easy reach, and hang a few more pieces where I can quench my thirst and hunger for beauty.

The fog is not lifting. The streets are slick and wet from the rain that keeps falling, and the misty moisty morning is coming to a close. Time for the break in the day’s work, and then a refreshing return to new worlds within.

(Excerpt from private writing group blog, September 1, 2015)

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